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The Red Transmissions podcast aims to document the work, behind-the-scenes moments and creative process of the incredibly interesting characters in our network, be it in Copenhagen, New York, or around the world where our correspondents find themselves or our poetic adventures take us.

Find out why artists do what they do, how they do it, and hear about the inner workings of their projects. Contemporary happenings and conversations on culture, music, art, film, poetry and independent projects around the planet.

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May 11, 2023

Ukrainian actor, scriptwriter and songwriter Elena Sophya shares an intimate narration of the challenges and experiences faced in recent months which led to her relocation in London, where she now continues to seek fulfillment of her dreams as an artist.

Jan 12, 2023

Concerned with the subjects of space, community and possibilities of meeting, interacting and existing in different environments, performance Artist, Director, Writer, Lecturer and Artistic Researcher Andreas Liebmann shares his current projects and practices.

Oct 10, 2022

Swedish journalist, critic and literary coordinator Mats Granberg joined the Red transmissions podcast during Tranås at the Fringe to talk about the points of connection that make a good conversation, a good interview, and most importantly, a good book.

Sep 16, 2022

Social poet, cultural organizer and producer Petri Tähtinen speaks to the Red Transmissions podcast from Kirjan Talo / Bokens Hus in Turku, Finland, about the opportunities for publishers and writers in the country, and the new alliance being formed through the Nordic region by poets, publishers and cultural...

Sep 6, 2022

Multilingual, multicultural, and full of passion for literature, a 24 year old Francis North shares with us his story, cultural involvement, influences, what moves him and the concepts that are threading his 3rd book, coming up in 2023.